Automate your, factsheet production.

A proven solution to produce your factsheets in a fast, frictionless and timely manner.

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Powerful automated investment reporting

A modern and flexible solution to create reports from any datasource.
CMYK Support
CMYK Support
CMYK support means your brand logo looks as it should when printed on paper.
Multi language support
Languages & Translation
Translations made easy. Supports wide variety of languages, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and more.
Rich visuals and SVG support
Rich Visuals
Enrich your reports with beautiful and eye catchy charts and tables. Supports Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG).
Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable
Bring your own Colours, Fonts, Logos, Styles and Vector Graphics that uniquely represent your brand.
Any datasource
Flexible enough to work with any datasource. CSV, Excel, Txt, XML, JSON or your own API/Database.
Cloud Native
Cloud Native and Scalable
A cloud native and auto scalable service capable of producing millions of reports.

We can help you become a data driven organization

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We can help you unleash the power of data and gain insight using cloud based tools.
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Using latest Machine Learning models, we can help you detect anomalies and find the hidden patterns in your data.


Yes, absolutely. You can bring your own fonts & logos.
Sure, we can create templates based on the designs you supply.
It's as simple as sending an email to the Support. But, if you are a hands-on person and prefer to do style changes yourself, it's very straight forward. We can show you how, Click here to arrange a demo.
We offer a wide variety of report and data related services, which can not be generalised to a simple pricing table unfortunately. To give you a rough idea, a typical project needs some level of customisation and integration work, so it may have one-off setup cost and a small monthly fee to cover hosting, maintenance and support. Happy to give a quick quote. Click here to get in touch.
Our dashboard is secure, simple and easy to use. But if you prefer to drop and pickup files from a secure location, not an issue, we can provide a secure dropbox (SFTP/S3). Most of the reports usually take a few seconds, but you can opt-in to be notified by email when the reports are ready. If you process a high volume of reports and need a dedicated setup, we can discuss that too.
Our workflow module can be configured to store and distribute your tagged documents to your own SFTP, S3 bucket, or to other industry venues such as FE FundInfo.
Yes, we offer a sandbox environment for all testing. When you are happy with the result, you can promote them to Live.
Yes. Application can be used to generate factsheets, marketing materials, statements and other regulatory reports. We also offer a wide variety of data related services. Contact us for a quick discussion.
Security is core of what we build. As a UK registered company, we are bound by DPA and GDPR. Our application is regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most reputed and trusted cloud. Please see AWS Compliance. We also offer a dedicated cloud setup as part of our enterprise offering. Contact us for a quick discussion.
Most of the times reporting needs some data parsing and programming capabilities. If you already have them in-house and just need an API to produce reports. We offer a REST API with CMYK, Fonts, Charts, Styles and other features. Contact us to discuss the next steps and demo.
Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch